The unique concept of the Texture Spray Machine we have designed here has the technology of CO2 used to pressurize the system.  The spray texture is then forced by the pressure and simulates a pumping method with a constant flow with no surging or mechanical failure of a pump.

This Texture Spray Machine applies knockdown, orang peel, splatter coat, Level 5 slick finish, synthetic sand finish, acrylic textures, and any other spray-applied applications.  Our machines all come complete with spray hose, airline, CO2 tank with regulator, and a pressurized texnology unique designed spray gun, all on a steel gauge cart.

We offer three size tanks on our Texture Spray Machine: 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon tanks are great for spraying repairs or full production; the 15 gallon tank is a full production Texture Spray Machine.

This texture equipment has been developed and job tested with this technology for over 12 years and the fact that CO2 is stored in liquid form under a base pressure of 875 psi @ 70 degrees equals lots of volume. The hotter the outside temperature the more available pressure and volume.  One 20 lb CO2 tank can spray a minimum of 25 thousand sq. ft. used to pressurize the material only!  A compressor must be hooked to the airline to atomize the material.

When it comes to texture equipment, our Texture Spray Machine is the best and most reliable system on the market! Keep it clean and it will last a lifetime.

Made in the USA